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No ego, no intimidation, no bullsh*t

Let the power of exercise transform your life, anywhere, anytime. I am a certified personal trainer who is passionate about personalised fitness programming as a mode of empowerment: feel stronger, nourish your body with movement and learn to love the body you live in. Whether you are an avid gym-goer looking for a gym-based programme to achieve your goals or overcome a plateau or someone starting out from their own living room with nothing but a mat and themselves - I can write you a fully personalised and individual programme to suit you!

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I treat exercise as a celebration of what I can do. I always try to include a performance related goal with every aesthetic one I set myself, and the most transformative aspect of my training schedule is my mindset. I workout from home, at the gym, outside - it’s about achieving what I can while living a normal life, it doesn’t have to consume you!

This is why I created Allegra Victoria PT - to write people programmes if they are unsure of what to do in the gym, if they just want to do a few exercises from home or if they want to mix up their training!

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I am currently offering £10 taster sessions!
1 hour of a quick consultation and a solid workout, perfect to blow away those winter cobwebs
Only for new clients



Anytime, anywhere

I offer a FRESH START package, a RENEW package and EXTRA SESSIONS. Have a scroll and see what's best for you - keep in mind if you are a new client, you'll need to start on the FRESH START package.
Pick which package suits you and pop me an email!


The perfect package for a fresh start

This package includes:
- Initial consultation
- 8 week fully-personalised guide
- 1 introductory personal training session
- Technique cheat sheet with photos for key strength exercises
- Unlimited email continuous consultations (throughout the 8 week period)


Ideal for existing clients to continue with their fitness goals

This package includes:
- Follow-up consultation
- 8 week fully-personalised guide
- Unlimited email continuous consultations (throughout the 8 week period)


You can purchase extra personal training sessions alongside your guide for that extra motivation and clarification of anything you are unsure of! Perfect for confidence boosting and exercise conquering!

£35 per session (an hour)


Perfect for those wanting to test out training before committing to FRESH START, or those who fancy some personalised group work sprinkled in between their guide / individual sessions

Minimum 2 people, maximum 5

Get sessions personalised to you and your friends for an ideal park workout.

£20 per session (per person)



I will create you a personalised programme after our initial consultation - it will be completely crafted for you!

Whatever you want!
All I can say for certain is I will combine strength training, mobility work and cardio to achieve your goals, applying the progressive overload principle to ensure you will get stronger and healthier!
In the midst of the Instagram era, we are quick to criticise our bodies, and with new fad diets and crazy exercise regimes flying around the media, it’s easy to feel lost. And the truth is, the fitness industry is not one size fits all. So I aim to educate and support as many people as possible in achieving their goals with realistic, personalised programme suited to their schedule, location and ability. Gym intimidation? Do it at home! Not much time? 20 minute workouts it is! Limited mobility? We’ll work on that! There is no better start point than today.

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Bullet proof your body

It is the fitness world’s worst kept secret: everybody knows about the power of strength training. Long gone are the days of ‘weights make women bulky’ and male dominated weights areas. Thank goodness! Strength training will increase your muscle mass, increase your metabolism, burn fat and transform the way you look at your body. I can help you tackle the unknown world of resistance training by teaching you exercises suitable to both your ability and your available equipment - you’d be surprised what you can achieve at home!


Injury prevention and all-round fitness

Mobility work is often overlooked in the fitness world but it is integral to maintaining good form, preventing injuries and keeping muscles healthy and happy. My programmes can incorporate as much or as little mobility as you require, but don’t worry - we won’t have you doing the splits right away, its about simple, progressive exercise to increase your range of motion so you can train better!

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Heart health

We can incorporate cardio in any way you want - we can back to back resistance work and form circuits that will keep that heart rate high, we can do running / walking intervals with outside exercises, we can even incorporate the infamous HIIT! Cardio is important for heart health but often gets far too much credit from fat loss, when this is mainly achieved through a regular resistance training programme. We can incorporate our bit of heart loving in whatever way suits your lifestyle - never underestimate a good walk!



Here is a testimonial from someone who has just finished their FRESH START programme with me!

 Allegra has helped me to transform both my body and my mind. I was seriously struggling to sleep and my broken nights meant I had no energy or motivation to fit in exercise around a busy life. In our consultation, she talked to me about some lifestyle changes that I could do before even starting a workout and applying these have helped me to get back my energy and shift a bit of stubborn belly fat! I’m sleeping better than I have done in 15 years. A few months before starting with Allegra, I pulled my back (it’s always been a problem area for me) and I would never have imagined doing kettlebell swings in my living room, or being able to deadlift in the gym, but she has helped me gain confidence in my body’s ability by always focusing on technique first. I look forward to every workout, be it in the gym or at home, because it’s so uplifting!”



If you fancy a 'taster' session, come along to my HIIT workouts in the park.


Pay what you can

Putney Common
23rd March
Bring a mat / towel
Any fitness levels



Pop me a message if you are interested in creating a personalised programme together!

Putney, London

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